Shin-Etsu wafers have excellent thermal resistance and light transmission properties. The primary application for these wafers is for use in high temperature poly-Si TFT-LCD applications along with other applications that require high purity, high precision polishing.

Synthetic Quartz Substrates & Wafers TDS (2.04MB)

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Wafer Features:

  • Ultra high purity synthetic quartz wafers.
  • Compared to ordinary glass, Shin-Etsu’s synthetic quartz possesses a low thermal expansion and extremely high permeability over the entire wavelength range from ultraviolet to infrared region.

Grades of Wafers:

  • VIOSIL-SQ: Is produced from the same material as our high-purity synthetic quartz photomask substrate.
  • VIOSIL-SX: Improved material which has been modified to provide better heat resistance for high temperature applications (1,000°C).

Wafer Products:

  • External diameters from 3”Ø (76.2mm) to a maximum of 12” Ø (300mm).
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