Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) Calls for Autonomous Cars Now

An industry revolution is coming to the roads with autonomous cars. This development will become the wave of the automotive future.With worldwide energy crises, the need to address the outdated transportation systems and continued concerns of the danger inherent in human driving, the stage is set for an introduction of vehicles that will shift the industry.

The group Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) launched it’s national strategy for energy security, which is working toward creating national policies to create a sustainable future for the ground transportation systems. This future will include decreased reliance on oil, which will benefit the global market. Autonomous cars are an effective solution to start this strategy.

SAFE has been urging the United States government to support policies that will boost the industry rather than hinder. SAFE has made several recommendations:

  • Remove policy obstacles
  • Allow extensive commerialization
  • Test the technology in broad ways
  • Establish a framework for support
  • Improve mobility to different groups
  • Accelerate the use of varying fuel sources

This shift in America will certainly impact the global market. This can be assumed with the policy recommendations already introduced that would encourage other nations to share responsibility and coordinate efforts in developing alternative energy and a responsible use of current resources. Additionally, expanding the search for resources with Arctic drilling, hydraulic fracturing and new production on the outer shelf.

Autonomous cars are an effective solution to address the increasingly dangerous roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report that traffic related fatalities have increased by 7.7% since last year. SAFE reports that autonomous vehicles could potentially decrease roadway fatalities by 94%.

An autonomous transportation system could fundamentally change the world with shifting the energy landscape. There could potentially be less worldwide crises related to oil and energy, safer roadways and changing technology. Autonomous vehicles and the groups research, designing and producing this tech are going to change the automotive industry for years to come.