Solid State Technologies

The semiconductor market is seeing a split along innovation lines which has been driven primarily by the way the Internet of Things (IoT) is proving to be a catalyst for disruptive technologies. Sensor technology has become so key to the IoT that we’re seeing manufacturers scramble for efficient production in large volume. At the same time, the physical capabilities of sensors and semiconductors have to be matched with an explosion in data storage and analysis, requiring volume and technology which is thrashing wildly to keep up.

Solid state technologies have also proved a disruptive technology in that they changed the requirements of data storage and processing centers. For data management needs, solid state technologies have the potential to be both cooler and quieter, as well as overall more efficient both as a result of the solid state drive but also because with each new iteration we’re seeing better production values and higher quality products.

Power, Efficiency, and Space

Chip technology is already booming in order to move towards more power and more space, but with the introduction of sensors in everything from cars to smartphones to watches to home heating systems, there’s an exponential rise in the amount of information collection and processing that semiconductor makers have to deal with. Historically, semiconductor performance has managed to consistently double every 18-24 months, and that trend needs to continue if the IoT is going to be supported adequately. It may seem like the IoT early adopters are few in number, but as security protocols are developed, we’ll see more and more demand for a fully connected life.

The final word, as usual with semiconductor engineering and technologies like solid state drives, is precision. The more interconnected a system is, the more important perfect performance will be to each and every component of the system. In fact, semiconductor manufacturers are going to branch out, beyond computing and communications, in order to ensure that the various pieces that they are linking together are up to the standards which are required for both success and security.

Wafer processing, solid state technologies, and an ever-more-connected IoT are pushing us toward precision, efficiency, and a mastering of competing economic and technical requirements of a new technological eco-system that is developing. The more efficiently chip can be produced and used, the more powerful the programs and systems will be.

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