Interposers / Inter-Connectors

Silicone interposers are an excellent way to isolate silicon layers and provide spacing for stacked dies applications. The benefits of interposers can be realized while using standard manufacturing equipment, such as die sawing and bonding machines. Therefore, capital expenditures are kept to a minimum when using interposers as part of an efficient manufacturing process.

The basic structure of the silicone interposer includes a blank wafer coated with a thin layer of polymer adhesive on each side. Unique polyamide hybrid and silicone formulations of polymer adhesive are available. Shin-Etsu’s low stress, high adhesion technology allows the interposers to be used in lead free low K applications. Total thickness of the interposers can be a thin as 100mm.

Structure - Shin-Etsu MicroSI

Manufacturing Process:

Manufacturing Process - Shin-Etsu MicroSi