Advanced Packaging Materials

Shin-Etsu manufactures a broad range of photoimageable dielectric materials for advanced packaging applications, wafer-level packaging, and 3D integration. These include photosensitive dielectric materials for redistribution wiring (RDL) and stress buffer applications, TSV filling, and permanent wafer bonding. Also, dielectric materials for D2D (die-to-die) and D2W (die-to-wafer) bonding, as well as wafer-level overmolding, temporary bonding materials that enable wafer thinning, and photoresists for copper pillar plating and other micro-interconnects.

Many of these photoimageable dielectric materials are available as both spin-on dielectric (SOD) as well as dry film materials. Spin-on dielectric and dry film materials offer many advantages, such as the use of economical and environmentally-safe manufacturing methods. Shin-Etsu leads the industry in semiconductor-quality spin-on dielectric and dry film manufacturing.

Shin-Etsu has a significant research program dedicated to developing dielectric materials for the next generation of interconnect technologies. It is not possible to list the range of current activities, but we welcome your inquiries on specific topics.

Technical Data: