Lithography FAQ

Shin-Etsu has the capability to package in sizes from quarts to 10 liter NowPacks.

All Shin-Etsu photoresists are manufactured in Isobe and Noaetsu, Japan as well as Yunlin, Taiwan. Our adhesion promoters are packaged in Phoenix.

Of course, Shin-Etsu remains committed to applications at mature technology nodes.  Many of our proven products have been in high volume production for over a decade.  Please contact us via this link or call Shin-EtsuSi’s Customer Development at 1(888)642-7674ext2  for any applications, old or new.

In general, our materials are compatible with standard semiconductor solvent systems used for pre-wet, edge bead removal (EBR), backside clean, or bowl rinse. In some cases, such as multi-layer systems or BARCs, there is a caution against using those materials in the same spin bowl as the photoresist. Answers to specific questions can be submitted via this link or calling Shin-Etsu MicroSi Customer Development at 1(888)642-7674 ext. 2.

Without consultation it is difficult to make a recommendation as your performance targets as well as tool sets need to be considered.  However, rest assured that the depth and breadth of Shin-Etsu’s portfolio is likely to offer a solution.  Shin-Etsu offers many photoresists and ancillary products for broadband, i-line, DUV, and ArF applications. Wavelength is only one consideration. Other questions include feature size, exposure tool conditions, substrate, and thickness requirements.  Click on this link to schedule a free consultation today.

Please submit your MSDS request through this link or contact Shin-Etsu MicroSi Customer Development at 1(888)642-7674 ext2.