Lithography FAQ

Shin-Etsu has the capability to package in sizes from quarts to 10 liter NowPacks.

All Shin-Etsu photoresists are manufactured in Isobe and Noaetsu, Japan. Our adhesion promoters are packaged in Phoenix.

Shin-Etsu remains interested in older technology as a market leader. Viscosities (film thickness) of existing materials can be adjusted to fit your application needs. Please contact a Sales Representative for any applications, old or new.

Shin-Etsu offers ArF photoresists that are compatible with topcoats available from Shin-Etsu and other suppliers, as well as photoresists that can be used without a topcoat that employ barriers against leaching during immersion. Topcoat free photoresists are used for leading edge semiconductor high volume manufacturing. Our technology permits highest possible scan speeds while minimizing the leaching of additives that can lead to immersion defects and/or exposure tool damage. Please contact a Sales Representative for assistance.

In general, our materials are compatible with standard semiconductor solvent systems used for pre-wet, edge bead removal (EBR), or bowl rinse. In some cases such as multi-layer systems or barcs, there is a caution against using those materials in the same spin bowl as the photoresist. Please contact a Sales Representative for assistance.

Yes, Shin-Etsu manufactures a wide range of materials for various packaging application levels. Please contact a Sales Representative for details.

Are you looking for a photoresist or other photosensitive material, adhesion promoters, or advanced multi-layer materials such as silicon containing hard masks or dielectrics? Shin-Etsu offers many photoresists and ancillary products for broadband, i-line, DUV, and ArF applications. Wavelength is only one consideration. Other questions include feature size, exposure tool conditions, substrate, and thickness requirements. Please contact a Sales Representative detailed information and assistance.

These are controlled documents, so please contact a Sales or Customer Service Representative.