Optical Isolators

Optical isolators are devices that allow the transmission of laser beams emitted from a laser diode to travel in only one direction. When built into high power laser modules such as Fiber Laser sources for material processing, they protect the laser diode by intercepting light reflected back from the materials. Shin-Etsu’s optical isolators have very low transmission loss and excellent thermal lens characteristics which are based on new Faraday-rotator materials and provide very compact packages. Shin-Etsu Chemical has implemented vertical integration of its entire production system for optical isolators, covering every process from the processing of the raw material.

Product CharacteristicsMajor Types of Isolators
Very Low Transmission Light LossHigh Power Optical Isolators
Excellent Thermal CharacteristicsFree-Space Optical Isolators
Effective in all Optical WavelenghtsFiber-optic Isolators
Fiber to Free-space Isolators

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s optical isolators boast excellent wavelength characteristics and work well with any kind of optical communication system, including WDM (wavelength division multiplexing).