Photomask Blanks & Pellicles

Shin-Etsu Chemical is a top-ranking manufacturer of synthetic photomask quartz substrates used for integrated circuits, synthetic, large photomask quartz substrates used for LCD, and attenuated phase-shift masks for use in Arf and Krf photoresists. For over twenty years, we have offered a stable supply of top quality quartz substrates. Synthetic quartz wafers are now available in sizes up to 300mm diameters meeting a wide range of requirements form our customers.

Shin-Etsu Chemical also specializes in producing a variety of OMOG (Opaque MoSi On Glass) photomask blanks made from advanced Molybdenum-Silicon Binary material which provides superior light-shielding protection, along with attenuated phase-shift masks used in the resist process necessary for creating ArF, KrF, and F2 photoresists.

Photomask blanks are the base material of a reticle that is used as the patterning templates of circuit during the semiconductor lithography process. The light-shielding layer is formed on the surface of mask blank whose substrate is synthetic quartz.

Drawing upon the technological expertise we developed in the design and manufacture of various electronic materials, Shin-Etsu Chemical offers extremely high quality pellicles for pellicle photomask protection.