Drawing upon the technological expertise we developed in the design and manufacture of various electronic materials, Shin-Etsu offers extremely high quality pellicles for pellicle photomask protection.

Recently Shin-Etsu has developed a pellicle material in polymer coated frames for the ion control and A2 membrane for the immersion ArF lithography. Shin-Etsu MicroSi offers three general pellicle material grades; they are designed for KRF, dry ARF and immersion ARF excimer laser lithography. These pellicles offer the following advantages:

Product Designations:

Product Numbering Example:

1. Mask Size6: for 6 inch mask
2. Scanner typeA: ASML, N: Nikon (&Canon)
3. Frame type (from 1,2,3…9, A,B,C…)
4. Pellicle
H: Normal stand-off, L: Lower stand-off
5. Frame OptionF: Anodized & filter attached, N: Anodized & no filter, B: Polymer coated & filter attached]
6. WavelengthEX: KrF, AX: ArF, AK: ArF/KrF dual, A2: Immersion ArF
7. Grade / adhesive optionN: Normal arch silicone adhesive, E: Low tack flat silicone adhesive,
B: Arch acrylic adhesive J: Flat acrylic adhesive
Pellicle Chart 1 - Shin-Etsu MicroSi