Quartz Wafers & Substrates

Shin-Etsu wafers have excellent thermal resistance and light transmission properties. The primary application for these wafers is for use in high temperature poly-Si TFT-LCD applications along with other applications that require high purity, high precision polishing.

Shin-Etsu produces quartz substrates that demonstrate excellent permeability and low thermal expansibility in the far-ultraviolet range. Shin-Etsu quartz substrates are most commonly used as photomask substrates for optical lithography and other applications that require ultra-high purity and high precision polished substrates. As far as polished substrates are concerned, quartz substrates have an advantage over regular glass substrates because they offer much better light transmission and thermal resistance over their counterparts.

Shin-Etsu MicroSi has been focusing on the advancement our nanolithography division for the development of nanocircuitry devices using the latest in nanolithography technology.  We have developed a new line of synthetic quartz substrates for nanoimprint templates based upon our cutting edge production of nanocircuitry technologies. Our nanoimprint templates are offered in many different sizes, including custom sizes for any specific needs requested by the customer. Aside from nanoimprint templates, our other nanocircuitry devices include semiconductors, storage devices, optical parts, biochips and various MEMS devices.