Phase Change Material (PCM)

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s thermally conductive phase change thermal pad utilizes phase change material that offers superior cooling solutions for increased thermal management. The PCS series phase change thermal pad is designed to achieve low contact resistance with a thin bond line thickness. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s phase change material is consistently utilized in the electronics industry and is considered an important tool in meeting higher performance thermal targets for next generation devices. This phase change thermal pad, made up of silicone rubber thermal interface materials, contains a high percentage of thermally conductive fillers to dissipate heat, while utilizing an optimal softening temperature. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s phase change material exhibits outstanding thermal performance and stability when filling the gap between the heat-generating device and its corresponding heat sink.

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s PCS-LT series products are currently designed to be used for thermal conductivity and electrical insulation for power transistors, power modules, CPU’s, GPU’s, NorthBridge and other electrical components.


Shin-Etsu PCS Series phase change thermal pad is made of silicone rubber material and offers the following characteristics:

Typical Properties

Phase Change Material (PCM)

ParameterUnitTest M ethodPCS-LT-60PCS-LT-30EPCS-TC-A
StructureSingle LayerSingle LayerRelease Film
PCM (60μm)
Aluminum film (50μm)
Initial thicknessμmMicro-gauge200200110
Thermal ConductivityW /m-KLaser-Flash M ethod3.83.04.0
Densityg/cm3JIS K 62492.42.42.5
Thickness after heat/compressionμmMicro-gauge603080
Thermal resistancecm2-K/WLaser-Flash M ethod0.180.110.24

Handling and Storage Precautions