Thermal Gel

Shrinking die and increasing power demands continue to make thermal conductive compounds a critical part of IC package design. The use of silicone gel is necessary for proper heat dissipation, to improve performance and reliability of devices by enabling packages to run cooler. Shin-Etsu’s thermal gel enables users to reduce the overall cost of their thermal solution.


Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s thermal gel X23-7772-4 has been the industry choice of materials to meet current and future thermal management requirements, thus providing drop-in solutions for new IC packages, without the expense of qualifications. This highly thermal conductive compound is successfully used throughout the semiconductor industry on temperature sensitive components.


Building on the success and experience gained from X23-7772-4, Shin-Etsu continues to develop a number of TIM1 materials, which are as unique as the technical challenges end users face daily.


Due to the size and power of some of the latest packages, delamination due to warpage can be a critical factor.

TIM Graph 1 - Shin-Etsu MicroSi

To solve these issues Shin-Etsu concentrated on developing products with:

Our TIM1 R&D team has developed a number of products with different mechanical properties to address warpage, higher thermal conductivity and lower thermal resistance.

The products are grouped into three categories:

TIM Graph 2 - Shin-Etsu MicroSi

We are constantly upgrading our product portfolio, for this reason X23-7772-4 properties are published in this page as a sample. Our team is eager to work with you to qualify materials that will best fit your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for further details on any of the product types mentioned above. If your requirement does not fit into one of the groups we highlighted we can work with you to develop a thermal solution that’s just right for your specific needs.

Thermal Gel X23-7772-4 Properties

Viscosity (Pascal Second)270
Bleed (425 °K/24 hr)0
Volatile Content< 0.39%
Specific Gravity2.4
Thermal Conductivity (W/m ° K)3.5
Packaging Description 
Cartridges60 gm
Storage Conditions-15° C to - 35 ° C
Cure Conditions125°C/ 90 min
Thaw Time90 - 100 min

Thermal Gel X23-7772-4 APPLICATION

Shin-Etsu MicroSi can provide X-23-7772-4 silicone gel in 60gm cartridges. The cartridge delivery system can be utilized with automated equipment to minimize waste and provide an accurate dispense weight. The cartridge delivery system allows dispensing of the material, while protecting the integrity and exposure level of the unused portion.

Thermal Gel X23-7772-4 PERFORMANCE

This curing silicone gel is homogenous with unique fillers that enhance thermal conductivity. X-23-7772-4 is supplied in grease form. When exposed to ambient temperatures the material starts to cure, making this silicone gel an excellent thermal conductive compound for interfacing between substrates.

ItemCharacteristicElongation (%)Thermal conductivity (W/m•°C)BLT (µm)"Thermal Resistance
@min.BLT (mm2-K/W)"
Viscosity (Pa•s)Modulus G’ (kPa)Standard curing ConditionMain Filler
X23-7935-11Characteristic Soft AdhesiveElongation (%) 150Thermal conductivity (W/m•°C) 2.5BLT (µm) 26"Thermal Resistance
@min.BLT (mm2-K/W)"
Viscosity (Pa•s) 230Modulus G’ (kPa) 305Standard curing Condition 150°C
60 min
Main Filler Aluminum
X23-7772-4Characteristic Soft GelElongation (%) 150Thermal conductivity (W/m•°C) 3.8BLT (µm) 24"Thermal Resistance
@min.BLT (mm2-K/W)"
Viscosity (Pa•s) 250Modulus G’ (kPa) 40 Standard curing Condition 125°C
90 min
Main Filler Aluminum
G769ELCharacteristic Soft GelElongation (%) 400Thermal conductivity (W/m•°C) 3.2BLT (µm) 25"Thermal Resistance
@min.BLT (mm2-K/W)"
Viscosity (Pa•s) 130Modulus G’ (kPa) 50Standard curing Condition 125°C
90 min
Main Filler Aluminum
X23-8131Characteristic Soft GelElongation (%) 250Thermal conductivity (W/m•°C) 3.0BLT (µm) 26"Thermal Resistance
@min.BLT (mm2-K/W)"
Viscosity (Pa•s) 130Modulus G’ (kPa) 40Standard curing Condition 125°C
90 min
Main Filler Al2O3