CHALINE is a hybrid emulsion which offers the surface activity of silicone resin and the film-forming ability of acrylic resin as well as excellent compatibility with other resins.  CHALINE has a unique silicone-rich silicone/acrylic composition.CHALINE can be added to aqueous resin coating materials as an additive to impart   surface activity to resin-molded products, resin films, resin sheets, artificial leather, and metallic materials. 

Produced in two forms:

  1. A powder formulation that maximizes sliding performance for a wide variety of resins.
  2. An emulsion that produces a lubricating water-resistant film which improves resistance to both wear and weather, reducing noise and refines the texture. (Water Based)

Product Features:


Black Auto Interior - Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Vehicle Upholstery

Extruded Rubber Profile - Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Auto Parts

Fiber Optic Cables - Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Electric wires & Hoses

living room stock photo

Flooring & Flooring Wax

Chaline R

GradeSilicone content (%)ShapeAve. particle diameter(μm)Volatile components (%)Tribological propertiesCompatibilityTransparencyDispersability
Silicone content (%)70ShapeAtypicalAve. particle diameter(μm)350Volatile components (%)≤5Tribological propertiesCompatibilityTransparencyDispersability
R-170SSilicone content (%)70ShapeSphericalAve. particle diameter(μm)30Volatile components (%)≤1Tribological propertiesCompatibilityTransparencyDispersability

Chaline E

GradeMain ingredientSolid content (%)Solid Content
pH valueIonicityFeatures
E-370Main ingredient Silicone-acrylicSolid content (%) 45Solid Content
pH value 5~8Ionicity AnionicFeatures Noise reduction. Anti-fouling. Anti-blocking. Scratch-resistance.
LC-190Main ingredient Silicone-acrylicSolid content (%) 42-45Solid Content
pH value 5~8Ionicity AnionicFeatures Abrasion resistance.