State of Electronic Thermal Interface Materials Market

There’s no doubt that the global thermal interface materials market will continue to grow as applications of thermal grease and adhesives become more versatile. Technologies that use thermal interface materials are increasingly ubiquitous, and competition for market share is steep. The market is expected to reach $2.33 billion by 2021, with the biggest market share concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region. As a chemical company based in the United States and subsidiary of the Japanese company, Shin-Etsu Chemical, we take pride in our research, development and products.  

A new report published last month details the key players in the TIMs market, including Shin-Etsu MicroSi. If you want the lowdown on the business side of Shin-Etsu MicroSi and our competitors and you have a couple grand, you can purchase the report from a few different vendors.  

If you need more information about our silicone thermal grease, non-silicone grease, or other products, contact us. We have earned our market share for consistently providing quality products for a range of industrial applications, from smart automobiles to LEDs and the Internet of Things. Our focus on thermal interface materials keeps us competitive as microprocessors become smaller, consume more energy, and generate more heat. Whether you are a market stakeholder, a product developer, or a researcher, Shin-Etsu MicroSi is a name you can trust. We offer bulk quantities of materials to save you money and keep your supply well-stocked.