Seoul Semiconductor to Mass-Produce Chip Scale Packaged LEDs

Mr. Chunghoon Lee, CEO of LED specialist Seoul Semiconductor, has announced that the company has produced a new product that is based on WICOP LEDs. This technology has no need for processes such as die bonding or wire bonding, which are necessary for conventional LED package production. Nor does the new product contain major LED package component parts like lead-frame or gold wire.

WICOP (Wafer Level Integrated Chip on PCB) has overcome the limits of existing CSP (Chip Scale Package) solutions. The innovative product was first successfully developed and produced by Seoul Semiconductor in 2012. Designed to connect the chip to PCB directly, it dispenses with the usual packaging processes, there is no intermediate substrate and the size of the chip and package is exactly the same. Characterized by its super small size and high efficiency, it is also effective for high luminance and thermal conductivity.

The company has started to mass produce relevant products using this technology and it is supplying them to its client companies, setting its position as the leader of the industry. It has also secured global patents for WICOP and has constructed a technological entry barrier.

WICOP has been supplied to customers for use in camera flashes, LCD backlights and vehicle head lamps since 2013. Releasing LED package WICOP2 for use for lighting applications, Seoul Semiconductor now possesses a WICOP product portfolio that is applicable to the entire LED industry. The firm also has plans to target an LED lighting-source market that consists of luminaries, vehicle, and IT products estimated to be worth $20 billion.

Head of the Central Research Center at Seoul Semiconductor, Mr. Kibum Nam said that “through the development of WICOP, which is an innovative, small sized, highly efficient LED technology, the effective value of packaging equipment which was once essential in the semiconductor assembly process will noticeably decrease. As all of the parts which have been used for more than 20 years will not be necessary any more, there will be a huge change in the LED industry in the future.” He went on to state that “Seoul Semiconductor has already acquired hundreds of patents in a global portfolio with respect to WICOP and will keep a close eye at how other manufacturers develop similar products using similar technology.”

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