The Future of Data Storage

Within the next five years, the semiconductor industry projects that disk drive spindles will become obsolete. Disk technology is very slow and also takes up a significant amount of energy and space on the floor. In addition to these disadvantages, disks also tend to fail rather often. For this reason, performance based data centers are moving away from disk drive spindles, and embracing new technologies that will allow for performance improvements.

Recently, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of data centers have met with representatives of the semiconductor industry to learn about the technologies that will allow them to rid their operations of disk drive spindles. Based on the knowledge acquired, data centers are planning to replace disk drive spindles with all-flash arrays, which will be relevant for a time period of ten to fifteen years.

Flash array suppliers expect to provide a full rack of flash holding 10PB, which easily outperforms hard disk drives. Additionally, new software abstractions will be implemented in software heavy data centers. Due to the powerful performance that flash array offers, it is essential that suppliers create all-flash racks, even though it will completely demolish the demand for their other products, such as Dell Compellent, EMC VMAX/VNX, HP 3PAR, IBM DS8000 and other hard disk drive arrays. Although the demand for lines of products will be killed, mainstream array suppliers are not able to avoid the creation of all-flash racks as this is the product that data centers are demanding.

At ShinEtsu MicroSi Phoenix, a supplier of high quality semiconductor devices, our experts are already on top of the latest in all-flash rack research and development. Over the next five years, we will continue to monitor all information as it pertains to all-flash racks. Once the technology is ready for release to data centers, customers can trust that MicroSi will deliver them with the most advanced, highest performing semiconductor devices that the semiconductor industry has to offer. To learn more about the timeline for all-flash racks or any specialty semiconductor devices that you may need for your operations, call ShinEtsu MicroSi Phoenix at (480) 893-8898 or contact us online.