The Potential of the Glass Wafer Market

In recent years, the semiconductor manufacturing industry has developed a considerable interest in glass and the potential benefits it could bring to operations. Glass holds valuable electrical, physical and chemical properties, which makes it a great material for a broad spectrum of processes not only in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, but also in industries across the board.

Many companies have recently begun integrating glass quartz wafers and other glass materials into their operations because of benefits, such as flexibility, flatness and mechanical rigidness. In addition to these properties, glass is also extremely cost effective.

Due to this large list of benefits, semiconductor manufacturing businesses today are using highly developed glass for a variety of wafer processing functionalities and platforms. While the current glass is a technologically advanced product that has aided in the development of countless applications, the industry is still pushing to further improve upon its functionality, and broaden its use.

These continuous technological improvements have led to a rather large increase in the demand for glass, so much so that the market is expected to experience strong growth through 2018 at the value of $1.3 billion. This expectation is largely based on a highly anticipated emerging platform, which supports 2.5D functionality. Along with the 2.5D interposer substrates, there will also be a higher demand for glass due to the increased use of glass quartz wafers.

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