The Working Transistor Turns 66

This year, the semiconductor industry celebrated the 66th anniversary of the first working transistor. Since its introduction in 1947, the transistor has continued to improve as advancements in applied materials have become available. It is now one of the most produced devices in the world, with 1200 quintillion transistors projected for manufacture in the year 2015.

While the number of transistors produced by semiconductor suppliers is huge, it isn’t completely surprising. Consumers throughout the world use and depend on a number of electronic devices on a daily basis, and transistors are required in each of these devices for function. Most individuals cannot imagine leaving the house without their smartphones or tablets, which goes to show how important electronic devices are in modern life.

In order to ensure that all electronic devices are meeting consumer performance expectations, the semiconductor industry has had to work extremely hard. Throughout the years, transistors have been scaled increasingly smaller, and the industry has had to come up with solutions to ensure that the quality and performance hasn’t been negatively impacted. For example, semiconductor suppliers implemented high-k metal gates to lessen the leakage of power that resulted from scaling. Additionally, the semiconductor industry has had to come up with a number of solutions in trying to maintain the properties of Moore’s Law.

Through these processes, the semiconductor industry has made many breakthroughs in materials engineering that have only helped in producing the high quality electronic devices that are now used in everyday life. For example, transistors are now made with selective epitaxy films, which allow for significant increases in performance. Strain engineering is also used, increasing the speed of transistors by approximately 30 percent. Most recently, the industry has changed the architecture of transistors, moving from planar to 3D FinFET.

The advanced transistors that are now available today allow electronic manufacturers to offer more functions and features in their products as well as improved interfaces and longer battery life on devices, such as mobile phones.

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