Thermal Grease X23-7869-2D

X23-7869-2D, is a thermal interface material developed and manufactured by Shin-Etsu Chemical with ease of application in mind. Specifically formulated to include an application chemical to allow ease of screening and other application techniques. With a higher Thermal Conductivity coupled with lower Thermal Resistance exceeds thermal management requirements of high-performance semiconductor devices. Through superior heat dissipation, the X23-7869-2D allows electronic devices to remain cooler and increases their long term reliability.









  • Excellent thermal resistance (TR) and thermal conductivity (TC)
  • Low viscosity at the time of application, easily applied via dispensing, stencil printing, or screen printing methods
  • Stable homogeneous mixture for consistent thermal performance
    RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • High volume production product from a proven industry leader Available worldwide through established supply chain networks