Transition 450mm Toward Sustainability

With the development of the 450mm silicon semiconductor fab, the industry is focusing on creating a design with more advanced integrated circuits that is also environmentally friendly and cost effective. While the initial 450mm tool guidelines did indicate a greater cost per square foot of cleanroom space as well as heavier structural loads and larger sized tool requirements, the industry is confident that they can overcome these challenges to create a highly beneficial and sustainable semiconductor fab.

All of the key players in the industry have come together to work on making the 450mm silicon fab the best that it can be. For over a decade, these players have been focusing on the development of the 450mm silicon and infrastructure, and in the year 2013, they were able to make a huge advancement. The 450mm tools finally began to progress through the inside-out technological development process, which includes the following steps:

  1. Process. The first phase is the early development of silicon and infrastructure, which is extremely important as it dictates the utility process requirements.
  2. Equipment. Once process requirements have been laid out, the proper process equipment and tools can then be selected.
  3. Production Environment. The type of process equipment used then determines the appropriate production environment and critical process systems, such as power, chemicals and gas.
  4. Site Infrastructure. The final step in the technological development process is site infrastructure in which industry experts develop facility and corresponding site requirements.

By working through the above steps, a number of advancements have been made to important components of the 450mm technology throughout the years. Such advancements include utility requirements, overall energy efficiency and overhead conveyance systems. As industry leaders continue to work and make advancements, the data increasingly supports 450mm as an advantageous system.

Currently, the industry is focusing on the management of size and complexity for 450mm to ensure that the technology is able to deliver the efficiencies necessary for operation. They are closely analyzing facility infrastructure as well as the increase in wafer size, continuously making adjustments that push 450mm one step closer to release.

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