TV Semiconductor Market Continues to Grow

Despite the decline in demand for television units worldwide this year, the TV semiconductor manufacturing market is forecasted to increase by 7% by 2014, reaching a value of $13.1 billion. This growth in the TV semiconductor industry is due to the increase in the average number of semiconductor components now built into each unit, such as LED backlighting, multi-format decoders, network interfaces and wireless video connections.

While the TV semiconductor manufacturing industry is already looking strong in terms of growth due to the number of semiconductor components required in each unit, it is actually anticipated to grow even larger throughout the year 2014. With the Winter Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup both occurring during this year, TV sales are expected to increase by 12%, meaning semiconductor suppliers will be in even higher demand.

In addition to the increased sales projected in 2014, the TV semiconductor industry is expected to grow at 10 percent annually between the years 2013 and 2017, reaching a value of $19.8 billion. This steady growth can be attributed to markets still in transition to digital broadcasting, such as those throughout Latin America and Asia, as well as increased demand for new technologies. In markets throughout the globe, Smart TVs and 3D equipped TVs will continue to be in high demand, with both technologies requiring a significant amount of semiconductor manufacturing content. As a business in the semiconductor industry, it is important to note, however, that both technologies will face challenges in the near future. Challenges you should be aware of include fragmentation of platforms and standards as well as a high possibility of rapid technological obsolescence.

Although the TV manufacturers will likely face challenges with current technologies, there are a couple of newer technologies that the industry is very excited about. These TV technologies include curved-panel organic LED (OLED) and ultra-high definition (UHD). Both are expected to be a hit in the marketplace, creating growth throughout the TV semiconductor industry.

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