X23-8098-A/B is a two part gap filler. It can be cured with either heat or at room temperature. X23-8098-A/B is a thermal interface gap filler and provides excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and low thermal resistance. Due to it’s natural high natural tackiness it is able to anchor to necessary substrates, but develops no chemical adhesion that allows superior re-workability.

Product Characteristics:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity (TC)
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Superior reworkability

Instructions for Use:

Each product comes as separate A and B components that must be mixed together in 1:1 ratio to initiate the curing reaction. The curing reaction proceeds at room temperature, so the work should be done as quickly as possible. Be sure to use a specialized dispenser. Before work begins, clean all containers and tools to be used so they are free of dirt, water, oil, etc.

  • Stirring before mixing—Fillers may sink to the bottom of containers. Be sure to stir up the components thoroughly prior to use.
  • Measuring—Measure out components A and B.
  • Mixing, stirring, degassing—Mix components A and B together, stir well, and vacuum de-gas
  • Application—After stirring and degassing, apply as quickly as possible.
  • Storage—Seal the product tightly for storage. After use, clean containers and tools used for mixing and stirring (with solvent, etc.).


  • 50 cc (twin cartridges)
  • 900 g (cartridges)
  • 1 kg (round cans)
  • 20 kg (GP cans)