CHALINE R-170 & R-170S

Datasheet: Chaline R-170 & R-170S

MSDS: Chaline R-170 SDS

MSDS: Chaline R-170S SDS

CHALINE® R (Powder) is the trade name of the resin powder of the acryl and silicone co-polymer, which was invented and developed by Nissin Chemical Co. CHALINE® R (Powder) provides sustainable slideness onto the surfaces of various resins because of its silicone functional part. CHALINE® R-(Powder) is very compatible with many resins.




Resins formulated with CHALIINE R-170S Decrease friction, anti-ablation creak, fricative noise, etc. Prevent stickiness and stain of the surface, anti-blocking

CHALINE® R-170 & R-170S can be used to produce various polymer alloys with conventional resins.

  • Both are available for making polymer alloys with various resins such as PVC, PE, EPDM due to their compatibility with acrylic functional groups.
  • CHALINE® R-170 & R-170S create sustainable slideness onto the surfaces of many types of resins.
  • Anti-ablation property—The slideness leads to anti-ablation effects and prevents uncomfortable creak or noise from vibration.
  • Non-Blocking effects—CHALINE® R-170 & R-170S gives sticky-free and non-blocking properties to dirty surfaces.

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