Vinyblan 603


VINYBLAN 603—Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl acetate Copolymer


  • VINYBLAN 603 is a Vinyl Chloride—Vinyl Acetate copolymer emulsion. Due to its excellent water re- sistance it is used widely in heat sealing adhesive applications.


  • Superb heat sealing properties when used as an adhesive for vinyl chloride leathers.
  • Adds excellent chromogenic properties to paint and ink formulas, as well as coated surfaces.
  • Often used as a binder for inks.
  • Offers superior adhesion to the substrate and colorant dispersion in the absorbing layer when used in industrial inkjet printing applications.
  • Provides good adhesion to glass fiber.
  • Commonly used as a printing ink base for vinyl chloride materials such as wallpaper, with good water resistance after film formation (no film whitening after being submerged for 24 hours.)

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