Vinyblan 715


VINYBLAN 715 — Vinyl chloride/polyurethane (aqueous solution). Vinyblan 715 is a polymerized vinyl chloride emulsion based on Nissin’s unique technology without using any emulsifier. They are especially suitable to be used for the binder of water-based ink.


  • VINYBLAN 715 forms a film at room temperature.
  • Shows excellent compatibility with various additives and solvents and fine dispersion of fillers
  • Exhibits excellent water resistance as it does not use emulsifier
  • Transparent liquid with small particles
  • Exhibits acid/alcohol resistance and excellent transparency when film is formed.


  • Water-based Printing Ink-VINYBLAN is used for gravure, Flexographic and ink jet printing ink.
  • Industrial ink jet printing absorbing layer.
  • PVC wallpaper water-based ink binder  (*1) By the Marlon Stability tester.

Shelf Life:

  • When this product is properly stored in the original unopened container at cool temperature, ranging between 5°C and 30°C, and in a dark location, we certify that every characteristic of this product meets the specifications for 6 months after the shipping date from our factory in Japan.


  • 18kg can; 200kg Drum; 1,000kg Container

Storage Conditions:

  • Store in cool, dry location and avoid direct sunlight. The desirable temperature range for storage is between 5°Cand 30°C

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