What is MEMS Technology?

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology is a device that employees micro fabrication techniques to integrate mechanical and electro-mechanical elements. The dimensions of these devices can be smaller than a micron or as large as several millimeters. The use of MEMS in systems can range widely from a few in more simple structures with no moving components to millions in highly complex, electromechanical structures with numerous moving elements.

The semiconductor manufacturing industry developed MEMS technology by building upon micro fabrication techniques used in the integrated circuit industry. In addition to integrated circuit techniques, MEMS uses micromachining processes to etch out specifically targeted parts of wafers, such as silicon or quartz wafers, or to add structural layers necessary to the creation of mechanical and electromechanical components, such as beams, gears and springs. With MEMS, systems are able to use mechanical elements to sense, control and actuate mechanical processes on the microscale, and function separately or in combination to create effects on the macroscale.

In order for MEMS to produce these highly versatile technologies that can be translated to a number of applications, they depend highly on nano imprint technologies, which provide the ability to manipulate atomic or molecular level materials to material of nano dimensions. While MEMS and nano imprint technologies are considered two distinct forms of technology, they are each dependent on each other to most accurately perform. MEMS are dependent on nano imprint technologies for the creation of current products on the market, and can continue to add additional products in the future with advancements in nano imprint development.

In the future, MEMS are predicted to achieve higher levels of integration complexity as technologies advance, offering almost limitless ability in manufacturing and design. Any kind of microsensors or microacuators will be able to merge with not only microelectronics, but also photonics, nano imprint technologies and more on single substrates.

At ShinEtsu MicroSi, we are always on top of the latest technologies that are essential to the performance of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. As new nano imprint developments and MEMS developments abound, we will quickly adapt to offer our customers the latest technologies that the industry has to offer. Currently, Shin-Etsu MicroSi is focusing on the development of devices using nano imprint technologies as we know how important they are to the success of our industry. We also offer customers a line of quartz substrates, which are the best material for nano imprint templates. For more information on our products and services, please call Shin-Etsu MicroSi at (480) 893-8898 or contact us online.

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