Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Up 1.0% Year over Year in Third Quarter

2016 proved to be a rather interesting year for the smartphone industry. Apple released its latest iPhone that didn’t come with a substantially new design, but it decided to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, which came with all sorts of backlash. The iPhone 7 did sell well, despite this fact. However, Samsung ran into much larger issues thanks to the Note 7 exploding due to a faulty battery system. This resulted in a complete device recall, costing the company tens of millions of dollars. Despite this rather significant problem (and a potential end to the popular Galaxy Note line), worldwide smartphone shipments are up one percent year over year in the third quarter.

Growing Dominance By Samsung

When the Samsung Galaxy Note fell to the massive recall, most in the industry believed it would spell eventual doom for the company. Realistically, it didn’t. Customers did not make the switch from the Note to the iPhone 7 Plus. Most simply went to the Samsung Galaxy 7 or Galaxy Edge 7. It does remain to be see if the Note recall will have any long term effects on the company and consumer relationship with the Galaxy product line.

Other Major Smartphone Releases

Several major smartphone releases did come out in the third quarter of 2016. The mentioned iPhone 7 hit the markets with expected sales success. However, these sales stem typically from current iPhone owners as Apple is not expanding its market share. Most of the industry growth came from the release of several other major smartphone releases. This includes the Google Pixel, which is a phone designed by Google with the latest Google Android updates and an award winning phone.

A major player in the worldwide smartphone industry is Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer that specializes in less-expensive yet high-end feeling portable device. Thanks to the lower price tag of the Huawei models, more people from around the world have made the jump to a smartphone.

Apple Drops

While the smartphone industry made a one percent increase over the previous year’s third quarter, these sales did not come from Apple. Apple shipped 45.5 million units in the third quarter worldwide. This is a huge number, but it is down 5.3 percent from a total of 48 million the previous year. Much of this is simply due to product fatigue. To pick these numbers back up, AppleĀ needs to wow the world with the 2017 model.


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