Thermal Tape as an Alternative for Heat Management

Thermal interface materials are integral to any consideration of thermal management solutions. They not only improve reliability and longevity of […]

How the Semiconductor Industry Will Get Past the Oversupply Problem

We can expect interesting things in the semiconductor industry this year. The forecast for the year ahead is hard-going. The […]

Applying Thermal Paste? 4 Things You Need to Know

If you are looking to apply thermal interface material, also known as thermal paste, there are a few things you’ll […]

Semiconductor Materials for the Automotive Industry

Automotive semiconductors represent a $24 billion industry, with a growth rate of 8% annually. Electrified drivetrains will soon fuel the largest […]

Organic vs Silicon Semiconductors

Inorganic semiconductors have dominated the industry for 50 years despite the fact that conductive organic polymers were first discovered in […]

Industry Insights on Chip Technology’s Future

The chip making industry is looking forward to an era of new and daring technologies. Apple awaits A-series chips, which […]

How AI Will Drive Semiconductor Innovation

Artificial intelligence isn’t merely going to amp up the entertainment and smart home industries. It will save your brain cells, […]

IoT Outlook for 2018

Computers are projected to comprise the biggest market share of thermal interface material applications. In 2018, computing refers not only to PCs, […]

The Semiconductor Workforce of 2018

Emphasis on STEM Education and Skill Development Needed  If you watch television, you’ve probably seen the public service announcement for […]

State of Electronic Thermal Interface Materials Market

There’s no doubt that the global thermal interface materials market will continue to grow as applications of thermal grease and […]

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